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Great Gift Ideas For Dad – A Bradley Food Smoker


I was thinking about gift ideas for dad as Father’s Day was fast approaching and a food smoker seemed to be the ideal choice. Actually a smoker is the ideal thing to consider if you are looking for gift ideas for men. There are many smokers available in the market and after quite a bit of research I thought the fully automatic  Bradley BTIS1 4-Rack smoker for outdoors would be the best gift.

While researching I first considered Smokey Mountain from Weber which is a charcoal smoker. The first two things which did not appeal to me were the extra work involved and the crammed space. This charcoal smoker could just about accommodate a full turkey with ham, and would involve firing the charcoals and a load of cleaning after the dish was prepared. The Bradley BTIS1 on the other hand had four spacious racks with a total space of 2,288 cubic inches. It is also fully automatic and has a fireless smoking system which burns briquettes having a wooden flavor.

I also looked into the Leisure 34168G which is a smoker working on propane gas. Although it had 3 grids for cooking and various temperature settings it lacked the extra space and automatic features of the Bradley. The Bradley BTIS1 burns the flavored briquettes at the same temperature consistently generating smoke for 20 minutes and then automatically removing them from the burner. The consistent temperature eliminates the danger of distorting the food flavor by the accumulation of resins and acids which usually occurs at high temperatures. The result is delicious smoked food which retains the natural flavors without any aftertaste.

Even after comparing other electric smokers like the Masterbuilt 20070910, I found the Bradley BTIS1 quite superior. A unique feature in the Bradley is that it provides cold and hot smoking methods. Cold smoking is ideal for foods which are salt-curing and the process takes a bit longer, with temperatures in Fahrenheit ranging from 60 degrees to 80. Hot smoking on the other hand is between 180 degrees and 250, and is ideal for smoking fish and meat dishes. The variation in temperature will depend on what you are trying to achieve with the dish.

In conclusion I can say that the Bradley food smoker is definitely one of the best gift ideas for dad this Father’s Day. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to